Sunday, September 27, 2009

Play as Research: The Iterative Design Process

an entire game evolving from a simple idea about mouse control. That is the power of iterative design.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Keep It Simple

Dr. Maeda says. Despite the lip service paid to ''ease of use,'' ''plug and play,'' and ''one-click shopping,'' simplicity is an endangered quality in the digital world, he adds, and it is time to break free from technology's intimidating complexity.

Dr. Maeda says the solution is not better design or better technology but a better partnership between the two.

what did "Simplicity" mean in practical terms?

The brainstorm suggested crucial elements: transparency, aesthetic appeal, restraint, just-in-time information.

1.Heed cultural patterns. The iPod, for instance, succeeded not just because of its sleek form, but because, in conjunction with iTunes, it solved so many of the problems of buying and storing music.

2.Be transparent. People like to have a mental model of how things work.

3.Edit. Simplicity hinges as much on cutting nonessential features as on adding helpful ones, the Newton MessagePad and the Palm Pilot being prime examples.

4.Prototype. Push beyond proof-of-technology demos and build prototypes that people can interact with.

''We need to bring dynamic, immersive, engaging visuals to a whole range of information-display problems, from handling messages in your e-mail in-box to mapping the genome.''

As the first year of the workshop ends, the most obvious conclusion is that it has barely scratched the surface. With every Consumer Electronics Show, we seem to wade deeper into the ''paradox of the digital age,'' in the words of the computer scientist and design critic Donald Norman: the very technologies that we hope will simplify life ultimately complicate it. But there is hope. As Mr. Moggridge says, ''Technology is the villain, as well as the exciting opportunity.''

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snapshots from South Korea: Electronic Menu Console Helps Tourists Order Food

I found some example, which is already using this idea in Korea. The focus of this idea is to help non-Korean speakers order food at a restaurant developed by the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO).

Provide language service, information about Korean food

type site

web design
Sometimes hand drawings attract people's emotion.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brainstorming for my BETA Project

Interactive Design 2
Sep 22 2009
Jinhee An

1) Form :
I am thinking of an electronic touch screen menu to order meals at restaurants efficiently. It could be in the form of hardware that looks like an Air Mac book, which is a thin and movable laptop made by Apple. After opening it up, customers can order meals by touching the screen like the same functions of using an iphone. After customers input food data on the touch screen, the data will go to a chef without waiters. E-menu provides organization, detailed information about meals, and expanded views of menu applications. I believe that this is very efficient and sustainable because traditional paper menus have limits to explain their details.

2) Content :
The traditional way of ordering has become an outdated system. Why do we have to yell, “Excuse me” to order? What about applying touch screens into a menu book? Actually, this idea already exists but is not popular yet everywhere. Also, many specialists predict that touch screen menus will be growing in the future. My focus is making this idea popular with good and usable design and application having unique ideas compared to existing e-menus. There are many touch screens with different purposes all around us such as bank ATMs, subway machine and cinema ticket machines that are easy-to-use and fast. However, it is somewhat unreasonable to apply this concept into restaurant menus. Of course, some people want to order fast without wasting time, but I think food represents culture and the quality of life. Thus, many restaurants might not prefer to use e-menus because it give the appearance of negating humanity and because of reason people are not accustomed to use the machine. Therefore, in my application, I try to provide design elements that relate to the cultural identity of the food. It can be exotic for people who experience different cultures, and learned about food and culture. Also, e-menus will provide video contents to show vivid food or education contents about how to cook this food. While waiting for an order, customers can enjoy playing games related to culture or food.

3) Who are your users?

Users are customers who want to order meals easily and fast without miscommunication, and people who have their own styles to eat meals. I definitely believe that this e-menu makes people reduce time to wait for an order and makes them satisfy their taste by controlling the amount of seasoning like salt and sugar. The application domain of Menu Pad is fusion Asian casual sit-down restaurants. Many of the features provided by an e-menu would speed up ordering in these restaurants. Also, people who are interested in Asian food and feel Asian culture indirectly.

4) Little Picture|Big Picture :

For this project in a 15 week semester, I will focus on developing application ideas and design with the way to attract people and use the application easily. I am processing this project with directed research, which is pre class for the thesis. I will continually study how to apply soft culture spirit in this hard technology.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

web design is 95% typography

BAMN automat be closed

What was problem to be closed this system?

This is a similar project with touchscreen menu.
But, now not working!! what happened?

I think the way of working touch screen is more easy to handle than Bamn. Bamn might have management problem to keep up. Sometimes it will be hard to check the machine. Also, they only provide food fit in the machine. This mean they cannot offer big size menu which is possible to make more money. So, even though it is an unique idea but it couldn't activate.

Touchscreen ordering finds favor in U.K. restaurant

The points of solution of making popular touchscreen are easy to use and simple applications.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Redesigning Craigslist With Focus On Usability

Craiglist is one of the most popular website in the world, but there are plenty of reasons to consider making some changes. Craigslist need to change in terms of design, layout, and usability.

The problem of Craiglist
1. The Design is Bland and Outdated.
2. Logging In, Signing Up, and Managing an Account is More Difficult than Necessary.
3. Screen Space is not well-arranged.
4. There is no navigation menu that appears consistently throughout the website.

Positive aspects of Craiglist
1. Craigslist is one of the most recognizable website.
2. Nonprofit website
3. Easy to post
4. Fast loading Pages 

Challenges of Redesign
1. Oranization (because of so much content)
2. Improving the website while keeping Craigslist's identity
3. Change a little bit for user who have become accustomed to doing

The Suggested Design
1. Use little color ->monochromatic color with of a few shades of blue
2. Width (760px -> 960px)
3. Typography (serif -> Georgia font) make easy to read
4. Branding (make simple logo with Goudy Bookletter 1911 font)
5. Icons

Layout(Table, Header, Sidebar,Footer)
Usability(Login-In Form on the Home Page, Link to "Create an Account" on the Home Page,
Consistent Navigation, Account Management)

My ideas: This is a great idea. Of course, many people are using Craigslist to share their ideas and seek what they want. I think it has great economical effects on the website in terms of advertising. It is a great place to advertise products because so many people visit this site. This means Ad can be exposed to the public and people can adjust Ad easily. With the revenue from Ad, Craigslist can be more usable and attractive. Actually, Craigslist is a very poplar website, but as soon as people enter the website, it makes them confused because of too much content on the first page. Obviously, this website needs improvement. I hope to see the website having good design and usability.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joshua Davis:Infinitely Interesting

He make design as art. He said when you're working with corporations and brands like Motorola or Nike, you're adapting your own style to a pre-existing brand. That's more challenge than doing art.

His works are very amazing but,I think his work is possible to work on the web using various colors. If he usually works in the print, those works are not possible because in the print field there are limits to use colors to print well and save money. 

Touch screen menu


How can we draw effective design?
When I look around in the city, I think we spend our resources on unnecessary things. I predict some people who work in the simple field might lose their jobs. Do you think a waiter and waitress are those kind of people wasting their time with unnecessary works? I mean it is not my approach that they are not important people. Sometimes when we get good service from them, we can enjoy eating in a good mood.

"MenuPad is an LCD touch screen menu which, provides organization, details, and expanded views of menu items. These menus are intended to replace paper menus available in restaurants."

"Digital menus provide nearly unlimited space and can contain dynamic content."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Assignment 01:

Assignment 01: CREATE visualizations for at least three of the five things you found during the in class exercise. 

1. pumping air into a tire of bicycle

2. traffic signal

Monday, September 7, 2009

Designer of 2015 trends

Designer of 2015 trends will be a manifestation of a solution including strategy and experiences.

1. Designers need to experience and knowledge including the social sciences and humanities to solve problems in wide areas.
2. Designers need to get abilities to guess further about future problem.
3. Designers focus on specific targets.
4. Designers focus on an attention economy involves communication, information, experience and service design
5. Designers need to give spaces to make users participate in creation.
6. Designers focus on sustainability proposing responsible uses of resources.

my ideas: After looking over 2015 Trends, designers require not only aesthetic aspects but also functional aspects. They have to create works visually and to make customers use it sustainably to attract people. They need to understand how it works and why customers need it. They have to be aware of news about what is going on.

Also, an interesting part of 2015 trends is sharing experiences with users as co-creators. I agree that user-centered design will grow such as blogger and social networking sites.
To be specific, designers have to provide customers with the tools which they can make their own design. So, users can change the colors and format for their own style. Designers have to provide the various designs to meet the customers' taste.

Interactive design 2

Interactive design 2 2009 fall semester