Thursday, November 19, 2009

Social Software: The Other 'Design for Social Impact.' by Gentry Underwood

These are not questions that most social software today answers effectively. How many of your friends on Facebook do you actually consider friends? What does it mean to poke someone? Twitter begins with the question "What are you doing?" but most of the worthwhile tweets don't answer it.

At IDEO we've started using the term "social interaction design" to describe the work of creating tools for both human-computer and human-human-interaction

Human-centered approaches to industrial and interaction design have long focused on studying human behavior to create informed and appropriate designs. A social interaction designer must consider not only people, environment, and existing tools, but also the unseen elements of the system such as social relationships, power dynamics, and cultural rules.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Presentation Critique

I really appreciate voices of classmates and Carla Gannis about my Alpa project; touch screen restaurant menus. After discussing about my work, I thought that I need to reinforce a rating system of the menu, represent the whole menu list before showing details of each menu and buttons to present next navigation. Also, I need to make more ordering options for the customer before he or she makes the final decision. During the critique , we had controversial time about electronic device for restaurant menus. Actually, when I came up with this ideas, I thought the menus based on table formats. But, while I was doing the research, I realized that book format menus are appropriate for Korean touch screen menus because of the characteristic of Korean food. When we go to Korean restaurant, a waiter serves a lot of side dishes for free before ordering. That's why we cannot use table touch screen menus in Korean restaurant because side dishes hide touch screen menus. There would not be enough space for touch screen menus if there are too many side dishes. It was a good opportunities to know about how people are supposed to feel when they use this menus.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Five Elements Theory

A Fruitful Color Campaign
I am doing research for finding appropriate colors related to touch screen restaurant menus.
Five colors ( red, yellow, green, black and white) are important in Korean food.
While doing research five colors, I found interesting behind story about those colors.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

site for logo
This website is good for looking over logos. This website is helpful to study logos which are good match with concept.

FRIDAY 20 NOVEMBER 2009 6:30–8:30PM

interesting flash

Friday, November 6, 2009

Korean Food and Drink

This website provide some information about how to eat and make Korean food.
I want to combine these into Touchscreen restaurant menus.

I am impressed with this game.
Now I am doing some project "love comes back to you and me" as class work.
I think I can use this concept of game as one of our project items to advertise our project.
interesting game! I love it! Thanks