Tuesday, September 30, 2008

dumbo festival sketch

12th annual D.U.B.O. art under the bridge festival.

September 26-28, 2008 I went to DUMBO festival!
I could enter artists' studio and see outdoor installations for free.
Dumbo festival is very interesting!
 I want to introduce several works related digital design seen at Dumbo.


wide shot of Current's Installation Under the Bridge

Dumbo, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a neighborhood in the New York City, New york borough of Brooklyn. It encompasses two sections; one located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, which connect Brooklyn to Manhattan across the East River, and another which continues east from the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill area.

3D Hack the Debate Party at Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO

Torture:a screaMachine multimedia performance and installation

This video is little bit sensational or serious.
When I saw this performance using digital media at Dumbo festival, I got a shock because he did not were clothes, he just wear a underwear. 
Although he choose sensational way to express his idea, he made people focus on his performance by using multimedia; waving American flag, moving scissors.
As I saw this multimedia performance, I felt digital design are able to use not only normal way; web, film but also this kind of performance for political incitement.

Against the backdrop of an animated skull-spangled (studded) American flag, and with animated projections underfoot, a performer, covered with images of tortured U.S war detainees endures while onlookers strip away the images with forceps. Torture ends when the last image is removed.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

website of the week 2


click motion graphic!
One of motion graphic works I like bushido network work. He decided on a martial arts network and came up with the animation based off Japanese calligraphy. To tie it in with old samurai or martial arts films he also used a shaky camera, lots of movement, and grungy textures.


Moving Ground, 2006
Video, Installation-View, variable size,
Kunstverin Ravensburg,

In-Between-Girl, 2005
Video, Installation-View, variable size,
Monitoring, Documenta-Halle, Kassel

All work and no play, 2007
Video-Object, LCD-TV+DVD, mirror, MDF, cardboard, 90x50x50cm
Stedefreund, Berlin

Artists in Residence 2008

Annette Godde (Lives in berlin and New York)

In her video works - often shown in the form of installation - Annette Godde combines invented, modeled rooms with short theatric film scenes, whereby collages of different levels of reality and fiction emerge. Thematically she deals with film and media stereotypes. By pulling them together in a new context, absurd stories are created. The kind of fantastic but also ironic self-developed moving-picture-reality exposes and questions the mechanism of generating illusions and media images.

Her work has been shown in a wide range of museums and galleries, including Kunsthalle Schirn Frankfurt, Kunsthalle Bremen, Gallery Antia Beckers, Frankfurt, Collection Essl, Vienna. She also participates in media festivals, such as European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruck, and the video and Film Festival, Kassel. For 2007-08 she has been awarded a year residency at Triangle Arts by the State of Berlin.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My first project! recycle!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

progress 2



No artificial anything!
First, I choose whole foods from eating action.
Of course, food ad need eating scene because owners have to make customers buy their products, and show good aspects of taste. But, in terms of food AD, eating food scene is very common.
If all food companys show just eating their products, the ad is not creative.
When I first considered concept from common activities, I could come up with idea easly.
After I discussed with professor shin, I decided to make concept as non-directed way.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Site of week1

This site is very cute! Color is very variety and characters are very funny.
Uglydolls creator, David Horvath, had a hand in creating this interactive, animated, community site for his popular family of plush characters.

From the creative minds of two love struck artists David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim emerge the Uglydoll family! What started as a drawing of a playful orange character known as Wage has turned into a whole new world of fun! In 2001, when David's soon to be wife and creative partner Sun-Min had to return to Korea, he sent her many "I miss you" letters with his little Wage character drawn at the bottom. Sun-Min sewed Wage into a plush doll and sent him to David as a surprise gift. David asked Sun-Min to sew a couple more for the Giant Robot store in Los Angeles and they sold out in one day! A very excited Sun-Min sewed many more and those sold just as fast! Sun-Min and David then began to pull more characters from the Uglyverse, a universe where UGLY meant unique and special, to translate into plush Uglydolls. They both met again at their very first Uglydoll Toy Fair booth (a small 6x6 booth made of felt and wood) in New York, where they would go on to win Toy Of The Year 4 years later!Now the award-winning Uglydoll characters are available in a variety of sizes and styles of plush, and are available at specialty retailers worldwide, and you can learn all about the Uglyverse through the Ugly Guides published by Random House.
Oh and Sun-Min and David are married and have little uglys of their very own. Join them every year at the Uglycon Uglydoll fan convention/art show!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

new project1

I took several pictures about common activities eating food, getting on and off the elevator. This action is very common for me while attending school.
This location is Pratt in Manhattan campus.
The actress is my classmate.

Maybe I can divide concept into two parts; eating food and getting on the elevator.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Runnig motor bicycles in NYC!!

Oh very unusual situation.

I used to see a similar situation in Seoul.

Patty Labell at Wingate Park

I don't know about her. I don't have any information about her.

But, she was so amazing!! Anyway, she has amazing and good voice.

Just I know that she is Huston's friend.

He is a fan to see patty's concert. He is so funny because his performance look like professional singer.

Dong lake!

Do you know Kangwondo in Korea?
This area is very calm and clean.
I spent my vacation in here on July 2008 before I came to NY.
Very peaceful place. I cannot forget this vacation. At there I made precious memory with my friends.

Seoul tower

Night Sight in Seoul!!

Very beautiful!!