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inspired menu design

inspired design

research about eastern style visual elements

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research for identity

type treatments

color palettes

use these kinds of color system

Studies about food packaging colors

I think the skin of touch screen have similar function like package design showing display of markets. So, I did research food package design's colors to catch appropriate colors for touch screen. Characteristic color would be associated with the flavor.

Colour is used expensively by retail, marketing and packaging industries in order to convey messages and sensations or trigger associations which encourage the consumer to buy their products. Packaging has to provide all the attraction and all the information necessary for the customer.

Blue - is not found in food packaging because people want to associate the color of the package with the color of product. But, some companies use blue to stand out against the other brands.

Yellow - most popular brands use this color. Yellow is the fastest color the brain processes, and therefore is usually a good attention getter. It is also an appetite stimulant and tends to make people feel cheerful and optimistic.

Red - tends to make people feel excited, full of energy, and can actually increase the heart rate. Like yellow, red is also an appetite stimulant, and warm and inviting color.

Green - the color of nature, a feeling of healthiness, fewer calories, more protein, and less fat

Black - a sense of elegance, wealth, and sophistication, not popular in food packaging, use to make other colors stand out

Reference "How to Use Color in Food Packaging"

Korean traditional five colors

Korean traditional five colors - green, red, yellow, white, black






Project: Touch screen menus

General Description _
This touch screen menu is for ordering meals at restaurants efficiently. After customers input food data on the touch screen, the data will go to a chef without waiters. E-menu provides organization, detailed information about meals, and expanded views of menu applications. It is very efficient and sustainable because touch screen menus can reduce miscommunication between waitress and customers, and can upload new data easily without printing.

My focus is making this idea popular with efficient, organized, and convenient design, and I want to make unique ideas compared to existing e-menus. In my application, I try to provide design elements that relate to the cultural identity of the food. It can be exotic for people who experience different cultures, and learned about food and culture. Also, e-menus will provide video contents to show vivid food, education contents about how to cook this food, and contents to control the amounts of sources like salt and sugars. While waiting for an order, customers can enjoy playing games related to culture or food. After eating, customers can review about the food which they eat, so that customers who didn’t eat the meals get good information from reviews.

Andy who is an American working in New York goes to an Asian restaurant. After sitting on a seat, he touches on the screen to order meals for lunch. He checks today's lunch special menu and looking thorough customers reviews because he does not know about the food. First, he finds the food getting many starts from customers. By numbers of starts, foods are decided best food rankings. He chooses ‘Bibimbab’ for his lunch. He can know how to be supposed to mix it watching a short video though touch screen. After he pushes select button, he controls the amount of sources for mixing spice with the meal he chose. And then he pays by swiping a credit card from a card reader machine connecting with a touch screen menu. The records go to a chef without waiters. He is playing game and looking over another menus during waiting for the food. Finally, a waiter brings the food with a receipt. After eating, he records some review about the food,and then he goes back to his work place.

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more detail about mac touch


device format for restaurant menu

My electronic menus' device format is based on macbook tablet(touch).
Mac touch will be released soon. very portable, easy to use and move. it will fit well as electronic menus.
size 10, 13, 15"

target user : people who aren't knowledgeable about food
Provide what is the best food, information about food(calorie, how to make, ingredient)
Control sources

What would a Macbook Touch look like?

"Some folks at the Georgia State University have thought about what an Appletablet would look like, and here's a video that shows their concept. Just to be clear, this was done for a product management class (video credit: John Fudge)."

mac touch

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Open-Source, Multitouch Display

make our own multitouch displays.

Build Your Own Multitouch Surface Computer


This article is very helpful to me because I am thinking of touch screen menus as my thesis. I agree that touch interfaces are hardly futuristic at this point. Touch interfaces are very cool methods. And also, how did they make DIY touch interface with simple elements? Very amazing!